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On Beautiful Toledo Bend - Turtle Beach IS IN A QUIET COVE IN THE SOUTH MIDLAKE AREA OF
WV1.jpg (98261 bytes)TOLEDO BEND LAKE.
Toledo Bend is nationally famous as the fisherman’s paradise. Lunker bass, bream, and crappie give the serious angler plenty of action and also provide fun-fishing for the whole family. At Turtle Beach we have a wide seawall that  is ideal for fishing from the bank. Swimming is allowed (with parental supervision). We are conveniently located near the beautiful new Cypress Bend Golf Course. Other attractions are Hodges Gardens, and Emerald Hills Golf & Tennis Resort. Historic sites include Fort Jessup State Park and The Battle of Pleasant Hill Civil War sites. Also many craft & antique shops and other areas of interest. Turtle Beach Lodge is a great place "to getaway from it all" Come see us. . . you’ll be glad you did.

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Lake & Fishing

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Phone 318-256-5595
: Turtle Beach 

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Host Harry & Elaine Branch (A NICE PLACE TO RELAX)
3.5 Miles South of Hwy. 6 (Toledo Town) 
Off of Hwy 191 on Turtle Beach Road.
3017 Turtle Beach Road, Many, LA. 71449 

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3.5 Miles South of Hwy. 6 (Toledo Town) Off of Hwy 191 on Turtle Beach Road.  3017 Turtle Beach Road,       Many, LA. 71449 Click for Map

Note from Harry: To stop any reservation mistakes let's try this - I will read and answer all email BUT
I will only make reservations by phone.
318-256-5595   Thanks, Harry

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